I am a Dallas area web designer and developer with a passion for great design execution. Since I'm always trying to keep my skills up to date, I often alternate between front end development and design work. In a past life, I was a professional musician. Before graphic and web design I made a living as a French horn instructor and performer. Having earned a performance degree from the University of Texas at Austin and after beginning a Masters in Performance at Boston University, I decided that the musician's life would not be as profitable for me as hoped. Realizing I missed my first true love, art, friends encouraged me to obtain an Applied Associates in Animation from the Art Institute of Dallas. After several years working as either the graphic, interactive, or multimedia designer depending on the company and the year, I've resolved to work as a web developer.

Presently, I develop in Drupal, Wordpress, Convio and others to give our non-profit clients enterprise systems for managing their online presence. Other times I'll provide support designing an email newsletter, community website, mobile layouts and more. With each new project I'm afforded the opportunity to enhance the user experience with some jQuery script or CSS feature which keeps everything fresh and interesting.